After the BitDrom installation, which is described here, a wizard will start which is walking you through the most important configuration parameters.

When the wizard is finished you have a working set of configuration parameters which you can further optimize as you earn more experience with the program.

Here are the steps the wizard will present:

1. Click Next to confirm the language.

BitDrom Configuration

2. Select your expertize level. If you are a beginner, it is important to choose the Beginner level because you will not be asked for settings you cannot understand.
Instead, the system will use the default settings for those advanced features and will only let you set the basic staff. This way you are protected agains mistakes and you will have a running system.
Of course you can chenge all the parameters letter when you gather more experience.

BitDrom Configuration

3. Select your internet connection speed and click Next.

BitDrom Configuration

4. At this moment you have to make sure the communication between your BitDrom and other P2P clients in the internet is possible.

Typically, you need to configure your DSL router to allow incoming connections to the port specified by “Incoming TCP Listen Port”.

On most of the DSL routers this feature is called “Port Forwarding” and is easy to configure.

After configuring your router click Test to see if it’s working.

If you have problems with this, search the internet for router configuration help for your DSL router model.

BitDrom Configuration

5. Choose the default folder for torrent files and click Finish.

BitDrom Configuration

6. That’s all. Close the wizard and enjoy BitDrom downloads.

BitDrom Configuration

BitDrom is a solid and exhaustive p2p file sharing program