First of all you need to download the BitDrom installer. You can download the basic version for free here or, if you want to benefit of the full power of P2P, get the BitDrom Pro here.

Once you have the BitDrom installer, start the installation by double click on the file you downloaded.

1. Accept the license agreement

BitDrom Installation screenshot 01

2. Let the default options unchanged and click Next.

BitDrom Installation screenshot 02

3. If you don’t have a special drive for programs, just let the default directory as it is and click Next.

BitDrom Installation screenshot 04

4. The installation will start and will take about one minute.

BitDrom Installation screenshot 05

5. Installation is finished. Click Finish and enjoy the downloads.

BitDrom Installation screenshot 06

After the installation, a wizard may start which will guide you through the basic configuration of BitDrom.

Click here to see the help page for BitDrom configuration wizard.

BitDrom is a solid and exhaustive p2p file sharing program